Hi there!  

Developing creative designs, logos, house styles; I'll put your story into action! I'm Gino Kelleners, a storyteller, traveler, sim racer, sports fan and passionate freelance designer. I like to create a creative and effective design with passion and dedication and I am always looking for challenges.

My personality is equal to that of a virtuoso. Virtuosos are born problem solvers, have a creative mind, are often busy coming up with new plans and executing ideas, love variety and a challenge. I get my inspiration for designs from personal stories and experiences, but also from my hobbies such as sports, sim racing, cooking or travelling.

Everything can be designed that needs to be expressed in images and text. From corporate identities, visuals, logos, livery designs, videos, brochures, flyers, invitations, presentations, documents, resumes, packaging to menus, booklets, wall stickers, posters, social media statements, custom made projects and much more. With a good dose of energy and creativity it is a nice challenge to create a cool concept and tell your unique story!

Curious? Check out my portfolio for inspiration! Do you have a question, do you want to collaborate or do you want me to think along about a brand, idea or concept? Send me a message. I'm curious about your story!

With creative regards,

Gino Kelleners – Let's turn your story into a beautiful design! 

Zuyd University of Applied Sciences | Maastricht

Communication & Multimedia Design – 2017

Leeuwenborgh ROC | Sittard

Information & Communication Technology – 2010

Freelance – 2015

Graphic Designer

Brightlands Chemelot Campus – 2019

Communication & Multimedia Designer

Brightlands Innovation Factory – 2016 – 19

Communication & Design

Basics of Online Marketing

Google – 2019

National DDA Talent Program

Dutch Digital Agencies – 2016

graduation thesis

Techruption – Multimedia Story – 2017

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