Developing creative designs, logos or corporate identity? I'll put your story into action! 


Creative designs, logos, house styles, stories or brand identity. Everything can be designed that needs to be expressed in images and text. Together we create a beautiful concept with your own style. Branding = a lifestyle!


Your corporate identity determines what your story or company looks like, for example the logo, the colors and the font. I help you with the entire look & feel. Together we develop an original and distinctive house style: the visual identity of your unique story or company. Would you like to adjust or expand your current corporate identity? I would also like to think along with you. 


Each graphic creation is unique and is custom made with great pleasure. Your story is made visual through a corporate identity, brand identity, campaign or online and offline communication tools such as a logo, stationery, cards, posters, e-books, brochures, gift vouchers, flyers, clothing, livery designs & more!


Want to visualize your company or service or take unique photos? The first impression is worth gold and together we create this original impression. Photos are optimally edited and delivered according to your own wishes.


Would you like to make a website? I am happy to build and design a WordPress website for you. I am also happy to help you with graphic designs.


That's possible! Do you have ideas for unique or inspiring designs? Do you want to design something personal? Let me know your wishes!


Curious? Do you have a question, do you want to collaborate or a custom-made design? Then contact us! 

Gino Kelleners Design

Develop creative designs, logos, corporate identities; I'll put your story into action! I'm Gino Kelleners, a storyteller, traveler, sports fan and passionate freelance designer.


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