7 Progress Pitches

Every Friday an intense progress presentation with realtime feedback from incubation managers & venture experts.

13 Masterclasses

A vibrant combination of different masterclasses to challenge their business model canvas and their entrepreneurial selves.

>30 Active Venture Experts

A large group of venture experts are matched with a startup to work one-on-one on their network and business model canvas.

>100 Interviews

Startups are challenged to go out of the building and validate their assumptions through interviews.


We offer a Techruption program, this is a 2 part program. We offer a Venture Essentials part of 8 weeks and a Venture Boost part of 2 years. Our team is dedicated to help you achieve your goals and take you through every growth stage throughout the entire lifecycle of your company. Additionally, by joining our program you get the opportunity to solve one of the worlds biggest problems and fight climate change together with Techruption. In this unique program, startups have access to a high-quality knowledge and expertise network provided by experts from Brightlands and Techruption participants like TNO, APG, KPN New Business and PGGM. In addition, you have access to office space and other facilities at the campus. Each startup team is supported financially, receiving € 60,000 in-kind funding. During the 8 week program, there is an opportunity to meet with several venture experts who will help you with your journey. At the end of the Venture Essentials part, there will be an event @ Brightlands Smart Services Campus. At the event the startups are going to pitch their company and afterwards there is a network session.


2 Year Program

As part of the Incubator, the startups follow an intensive Venture boost program for 2 years.

Quarterly Progress Evaluation

Ongoing evaluation with the incubation managers and venture experts to follow-up on the development.

9 Masterclasses & Inspirational Speakers

9 advanced topics to challenge their business more specifically. Inspirational speakers to give balance to the intensive program.

Large Network

They are now officially part of a large network of venture experts, startups & entrepreneurs.