Techruption is based on the Brightland Smart Services Campus. Brightlands is an ambitious community for open innovation in health and sustainability, spread across Limburg. In the four Brightlands campuses, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and students develop new solutions in the fields of materials, health, nutrition and smart services. The Brightlands community consists of four campuses with the following areas of expertise:
  • Smart materials and sustainable manufacturing. Brightlands Chemelot Campus Sittard-Geleen.
  • Regenerative medicine, precision medicine & innovative diagnostics. Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus.
  • Data science and smart services. Brightland Smart Services Campus Heerlen.
  • Food and nutrition. Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo.


Techruption is an international company that is located in Heerlen and is part of the Brightlands Smart Services Campus. It is a new community / organization in which large and small companies and organizations, startups and scientific institutes jointly building technological innovations around blockchain and artificial intelligence. Using these techniques, we work on clever solutions to counteract (the effects of) climate change.


Are you part of today's frontrunners in blockchain, artificial intelligence & climate change? Together we can set the foundations for your success. We offer a Techruption program for startups and bring together experts and corporate partners to find solutions for real-life problems. We are currently looking for startups, experts & partners who are active in the fields of blockchain, artificial intelligence and climate change. Do you have an idea and are you a startup, potential partner or an expert and want to join our community? Or are you looking for a new business partner? Get in touch and sign the Techruption contract and get all the benefits we provide.


We offer a Techruption program, this program is only the beginning. Our team is dedicated to help you achieve your goals and take you through every growth stage throughout the entire lifecycle of your company. Additionally, by joining our program you get the opportunity to solve one of the worlds biggest problems and fight climate change together with Techruption. In this unique program, startups have access to a high-quality knowledge and expertise network provided by experts from Brightlands and Techruption participants like TNO, APG, KPN New Business and PGGM. In addition, you have access to office space and other facilities at the campus. Each startup team is supported financially, receiving € 60,000 in-kind funding. During the 8 week program, there is an opportunity to meet with several venture experts who will help you with your journey.